Engine description

The RB199 is a three-spool turbofan manufactured largely in titanium and heat-resisting alloys .The low and intermediate-pressure compressors each have three stages and rotate in a clockwise direction. To minimize gyroscopic effects, the six-stage high-pressure compressor counter-rotates. The combustion chamber is fully annular with vaporizing burners. The single-stage high- and intermediate-pressure turbines are air cooled; the low pressure turbine, which is not cooled, has two stages. The fully-modulating reheat system has separate fuelling for the bypass air and for the hot gas stream. The multi-flip convergent nozzle is fully variable. For Tornado, the engine has an integral two-bucket thrust reverser, which deploys in one second at any thrust setting from „Idle“ to „Max Dry“. Engine control is performed by an electronic system which acts on signals from the pilot’s lever and from power plant sensors.